The Italian regularisation of migrant workers facing the Covid-19 pandemic: a first critical analysis

This blogpost addresses the contents of the 2020 Italian migrant workers’ regularisation and its main criticalities. Even if the Italian Government’s choice to launch a new regularisation plan surely represents a step forward towards the enforcement of irregular migrant workers’ rights, especially considering the timidity of the current Executive on migration issues, at the same time a number of steps back have been made, which risk to frustrate the positive effects. Indeed, various normative impediments and boundaries to the regularisation have been introduced. They do not only raise many doubts, but especially will have a considerable impact on the number of workers who may benefit from the regularisation plan and, consequently, on fundamental conditions of dignity and legality for the irregular migrant workers.

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Ricercatore in Diritto del Lavoro, Università degli Studi di Firenze.