The 2020 proposals for pre-entry screening and amended border procedures: a system of revolving doors to enter (and leave) Europe?

The new Pact on Migration is a consolidation of externalization policies. Actually, to some extent, it is a step forward, in the sense that it fosters externalization practices already in (and from) the European territory. Two measures are instrumental to this purpose: the pre-entry screening and the amended border procedures. The blogpost argues that their main effect is to downgrade the European territory to a lower density legal territory, by creating a system of revolving doors reinforcing European borders and limiting access to rights.

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Dr. Luisa Marin is Marie Curie Fellow at the Law Department, European University Institute.
Previously, she was Assistant Professor of European Union Law at the School of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences at the University of Twente, the Netherlands (2007-2019).
Later on, she has been Research Fellow at the University of Padova, Department of Public, International and Community Law, and contract professor in EU law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Piacenza) (2019-2020).
Her research interests cover the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice broadly speaking; her publications and expertise focus on mutual recognition, mutual trust and their implications on European and national constitutional rules (citizenship, fundamental rights); on border surveillance and its relation with fundamental rights; on securitization practices of borders and their implications; on data protection, Internet and surveillance. On the same issues, Luisa is regularly a reviewer for academic journals and edited books.
Luisa has been a member of the Commissie Meijers (2011-2017) and is currently a coordinator of the EU Lab of ADIM, Accademia Diritto e Migrazioni.